District 2

Sis. Annie Hilliard, President District 2 UCWM

There are 4 churches in the Second District:

St. Peter COCH – Wisner, LA – Pastor Elder Leandrew Gray

Mt. Zion COCH – Gilbert, LA – Pastor Elder Wallace Bell

St. Matthew COCH – Monroe, LA – Elder Jimmy Ervin Jr

Bethlehem COCH – Hamburg, AR – Minister Danotony Square

Each of the 4 churches has an active UCWM band; two of the churches have a
Daughters of Esther group. Our key services are caring for the elderly in
the community, nursing home visits and prison ministry. We also have book
studies and participate in a noon day community prayer and prayer line.

The women of the Second District UCWM are willing to do whatever is needed
to help share the Word of God. *We are Better Together: United We Grow*