Christian Education


The Christian Education Ministry of the Southwestern Diocese UCWM mission is to assist in the training, building, preparation, and development of the Christian woman to the full measure of Christ.  The Christian Education Ministry will seek to support and encourage all educational efforts of women in the church, UCWM, and the community.  We will promote educational efforts of the general church through the support of CM&I College.

How We Work:  Programs of continuing education, Bible Study, Book Study, cultivation of the arts, development of skills, and increasing awareness for personal and group development (mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually) will be the avenues of implementation used to complete our mission.

Women’s Academy

Preparing Women to do Christian Work

In the Women’s  Academy, there are suggested areas to cover with topics of interest. These topics we believe will enhance our growth in the Word and for plain living.


Women’s Academy is an initiative to address women’s needs. The Women’s Academy umbrella is designed to cover a list of  topics pertinent to women of today. We believe the topics will navigate you through intense Bible Study, prayer healing, and learning; and will fulfill the need for Christian education for women. These are the thrust of our ministry.


Our goal is prepare women to do Christian work by providing resources and information for a variety of subject for personal growth.


This may include list of books, magazine articles, training series from renounce Christian Bible teachers, which can done in a home setting and websites ,etc.


Mature women engaged in Christian service.

Please select a topic of study from  each of the “Areas of Concentration”.  This will assist in your auxiliary covering the Women’s Academy suggested learning courses.

  • Women’s Health
    • Lay aside the weight (spiritually,socially, physically)
    • Peace Place—stress release
    • Forgiveness – Let it go
    • Nutrition –  Eat this, not that
    • Exercise – Just move
  • Social Issues
    • Current books (African American Authors)
    • Role Rollover ( moms/dads)
    • Single Mom
    • Shopping
    • Control and secrets
    • Fiscal responsibility – Money Matters
    • After the Abuse….
  • Bible Studies– focus areas
    • Women of the Bible
    • Book of the Bible
    • Training series
    • Workshops
    • Book reading
  • Relationships
    • How can I be a true woman of God Relationships (Single, Married, divorced,  widowed, woman to woman, lesbian)
    • Older women teaching the younger –  The Teachable Moments
    • Family Life
    • Child Abuse ,   Parent Abuse
    • Spouse Abuse
    • The hand the rocks the cradle
    • Coaching /Mentoring
  • Learning  – Just being Women
    • Adornment?
    • Dress really matter
    • Life’s Transition
    • Reproductive Rights
    • Is Femininity outdated?
    • Women – What does the Bible say?
    • Taking Care of  Self, too
    • When is Helping Hurting?

“And ye shall seek me, and find me…when ye shall search for me with all your heart. “ – Jeremiah 29:13


To see results of the survey taken at the convention,  please click on the link below:

Survey UCWM


Christian Education Ministry Team

District  #1  Sis. Mary Kennebrew,

District #2   Sis. Sophia Conley &  Sis. Zelma Ballard

District #3   Sis.  Carolyn Bridges,  Sis. Thelma Hart

District  #4   Sis. Tashuna Drake,   Sis. Juliette Candley,   Sis. Brenda Foster

District  #5   Sis. Pamella Divinity,   Sis. Francis Smith,  Sis. Deidre Robey


Sis. Betty Brown, Christian Education Facilitator

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