I thought the books below could appeal to women of varying ages, and places in life, and their personal walks and relationships with Jesus Christ.

girl-still-got-itThe Girl’s Still Got It: Take A Walk With Ruth and The God Who Rocked Her World by Liz Curtis Higgs

* this is kind of like a bible study, personal reflection type book that has additional pieces like a workbook and DVD that can be great for a small group bible study or just personal growth






Christian Fiction: all authored by Michelle Stimpson ( great author!!)

These books vary in topics of discussion from divorce, troubled marriages, finding/choosing Mr. Right/Wrong, career chasing, life decision making, dreams, etc!!!

fallin-into-grace good-stuff last-temptation

Christian Fiction:

stand-by-meStand By Me ( A Souled Out Sisters Novel) by Neta Jackson (author of Yada Yada Series)

2 women……flamboyant zeal of a radical Christian life meets traditional reserved faith…. Only to discover both have a needed place in ministry!!

(in my thoughts YAM MEETS UCWM!!…..may help bridge the gap!!)


Dr. Krista Miller

Christian Education Facilitator